Report bugs and contribute

The original purpose of the Nimbus OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect SDK was to provide a solid foundation for the implementation of our Connect2id server in 2012. About a year into its development we decided to open source it under an Apache 2.0 licence, so that partners and customers as well as the broader community working on IAM solutions can benefit from it.

Suggestions and bug reports

Suggestions, comments and bug reports are welcome and appreciated. Without constructive feedback the SDK would not have the quality codebase that developers enjoy today.

Please, submit your reports and pull requests (preferably with tests) to the Git repo at Bitbucket:

Nimbus OAuth 2.0 + OIDC SDK git repo

Responsible disclosure

If you suspect a critical vulnerability or wish to have a private discussion with the SDK maintainers, write an email to Connect2id support.

Following developments and release announcements

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