Why isn’t this SDK certified?

This SDK is not an RP or OP!

This SDK is deliberately not certified against the OpenID Foundation test suite, because using it, by itself, doesn't guarantee a correct OpenID provider (OP) or OpenID relying party (RP) implementation. Developers should consider this SDK a collection of "building blocks".

Test your concrete implementations

If you are building a concrete RP or OP with this SDK we strongly recommend to test your final product or deployment against the OpenID Foundation certification suite, which is available online and for free. Payment is required only if you wish to have your implementation listed on the OpenID Foundation website. This will ensure your RP or OP is broadly interoperable and free from critical bugs and other issues covered by the test suite.

Retest periodically

Note that the certification suite receives periodic updates and improvement, and therefore it's a good idea to retest your implementation for potential issues that weren't previously covered.