Chosen Plaintext Consulting

Our go-to partner for cryptography consulting. Chosen Plaintext Consulting provided us with superb work on algorithm benchmarking, selecting and integrating an EdDSA engine for the Nimbus JOSE+JWT library and auditing an AES/SIV (RFC 5297) implementation for pairwise identifiers in the OpenID Connect SDK.


Developed a full-fledged IDaaS in the Amazon cloud based on the stock Connect2id server, with all the necessary facilities for handling the management of user accounts, configurations, billing and server instance provisioning. Erudika operates its home grown Para BaaS and Scoold SaaS.


Author of the Apache and NGINX modules for OpenID Connect relying parties / OAuth 2.0 clients as well as of modules for resource (web API) servers to verify access tokens, including the new and more secure breed of client certificate bound tokens (RFC 8705). If you need an SLA or any kind of commercial support for those modules in your web applications Zmartzone is your partner.