Report bugs and contribute

The Nimbus JOSE + JWT library is an open source project which has evolved thanks the concerted contributions of developers in the crypto, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and Android communities.

General feedback and bug reports

Comments, feedback and bug reports are always appreciated. Without them the library would not have the reliable and quality codebase that developers enjoy today. And we want to make it even better.

Please, submit your reports and pull requests (preferably with tests!) to the Nimbus JOSE + JWT repo at Bitbucket:

Nimbus JOSE + JWT git repo

Responsible disclosure

If you suspect a critical vulnerability or wish to have a private discussion with the library maintainer, please write to Connect2id support.

We leave it up to your judgement to determine if the issue at hand is a critical vulnerability, or a general problem that is ok be posted to the public tracker.

Following developments and release announcements

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