OAuth 2.0 Rich authorisation requests (RAR)

RAR is a new OAuth 2.0 extension that enables applications to specify fine-grained authorisation details in requests, responses and tokens.

Grant Management for OAuth 2.0

Grant management is a new OAuth 2.0 extension developed at the FAPI working group. It provides way for clients to manage their grants with an authorisation server in a explicit and accountable way.

OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance 1.0 enhancements

eKYC / Identity Assurance is a an OpenID Connect extension for letting applications verify the identity of users with national eID schemes, banks and eIDAS.

Version 9.21 of the SDK upgraded support to draft 12 of the spec and introduced OO support with strong typing for the verified_claims element in ID tokens and UserInfo responses.

The verification parameter in claims requests can also benefit from proper OO with strong typing.